january 2014 self portrait | vancouver, b.c.

i got to see my cat at my parents house yesterday. i left her there because i couldn’t take care of her at my new apartment in vancouver. she poops on their couch | chilliwack, b.c.

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iPhone pics as of late. Vancouver is pretty.

my friend moo moo | vancouver, b.c.

going 750 down | carlsbad caverns, new mexico

at the top of the flat mountain | carlsbad, new mexico

all i thought of was forrest gump | memphis, tennessee

chandelier | carlsbad caverns, new mexico

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no one can see this now | carlsbad national park, new mexico

lindeman | chilliwack, b.c.

i want to go to bed | fort langley, b.c.

road trip | somewhere in the middle of british columbia, b.c.

can’t believe this cuties from target | prince george, b.c.

matt mays | squamish, b.c.